Disco Coalition

The Disco Coalition fosters solidarity, builds community, and encourages activism via gatherings and collaborations with the collective intention of shepherding queerkind toward a brighter future.

Debut: Launching in February the Disco Coalition is a group of nightlife superheroes setting out to raise money and bring attention to issues and causes that impact queerkind and humankind.

Project 1: Kicking off March 29th, will be a series of 13 happy hours at the LOOKOUT with 100 percent of the proceeds from 5-8 pm benefiting a queer charity.  Titos Vodka will be matching the monies raised, up to $1,000, for each of the 13 events.

Each Friday, from March 29th - June 17th, the Disco Coalition Happy Hour project will feature a beneficiary, musical talent, a slew of hosts and a queer hero to be honored.

Moving Forward: The Disco Coalition will mobilize when the need arises for important issues that are cause for concern or celebration in the queer community…

Social Media: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.